Second Grade Update

Week That Was

This past week has been very strange for us as a second grade team.  Very busy too!  We were asked to help with third grade AIR assessments.  It created a crazy couple of days where we were in the building, but not in our rooms.  It sure was nice to return to them on Friday.  It was also wonderful seeing so many of you over the course of this week with conferences.  It’s hard to believe we’ve already begun the fourth quarter, but we look forward to ending our year strongly with your child.

Students have worked hard on a new anchor text, John Chapman: Planter and Pioneer.  It presents his life story with a mix of fact and legend, and has been an enjoyable and approachable book for everyone.  It has helped return our focus to opinion writing, and we’re very impressed of the developments being made with this type of writing.

In math, we’ve been hard at work on measurement.  Tools and accuracy have been focuses this week.  We also worked on the different measurement systems, and metric was a term we discussed.

The Week to Come

We have one week before a week off for spring break.  I’ll talk about next week and what to look for as we return from break in this post.  I won’t post a new one next Friday!

We get into a new text next week, but it’s also about John Chapman.  The one we focus on next week will present his life in just facts we know and a time line.  It’s also important for us to work with texts that can be compared and contrasted.  We’ll be doing a lot of that to practice a very important, but difficult skill!

Our measurement unit will wrap up and we’ll turn our attention to beginning a unit that will expand our focus on number sense a bit more.  We’ll look closely at relationships with numbers.  Even and odd will be a focus.  We’ll detail patterns found and how to view them in charts and tables.

We’re going to extend our focus on John Chapman beyond reading and writing.  We’d like to deal with him and topics around him more with science and social studies.  We’ll be doing some tasting, but also a STEM project to end the week.  For this, some donations of twigs (just backyard – different sizes) will be very helpful for next Friday.  You can just send them in a paper bag if you have some.  Thank you!

When we return from break, the first day back is Opening Day for the Reds.  We like to make a big deal about this in second grade with a day of fun and surprises.  Please have your child wear red if possible – the February Frolic shirt will work great if no Reds gear!


Important Events

Tuesday, March 21 – PTO Meeting (7-8 PM)
Wednesday, March 22 – Spring Picture Day @ BES (Class Pictures for everyone)
Friday, March 24 – Spirit Wear Orders Due & Spring Break Begins
Week of March 27 – No School Spring Break
Monday, April 3 – Reds Opening Day & Back to School!
Week of April 3 – Spring BOGO Book Fair

Have a great weekend!


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