Second Grade Update

The Week We Had


Another week has come and gone at BES!  This was a very busy and exciting one!  First of all, thank you to all of our volunteers that were able to join and help us make Thursday a very special day for the second grade at the zoo.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their time, and we greatly appreciate the willingness to help – more than we could even take on the buses.  Thank you!

In addition to field trip day, students had to handle different days Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were without all of us in the room and on a different schedule – all to help accommodate the third grade on their testing dates.  Thankfully, the testing time that changes our plan is over, and things went just fine – it’ll be them next year!

In class, students wrapped up their work on pioneer texts while building on narrative writing skills.  They also wrapped up a math unit.  Our focus with word study was on homophones.  Busy week, indeed!

The Week to Come

 Our Walk-A-Thon is on April 28, but please look to collect and return money by Thursday, April 27.  If it comes in Friday, that’ll be fine too.  Students will receive their shirts on the morning of the event.  Please have them dress with the idea of them putting the shirt  on over top of something.  We walk in the morning!

Leading up to Friday, students will be busy with a narrative writing PBA.  It’ll be our final narrative PBA, so it’ll be nice to see the growth and improvement come together.   We’ll also deal with our final end of unit assessment.  In math, we’ll begin a new unit – our final one on the year.  It’s crazy to use “final” this much, but we’ll be wrapping up April next week and moving to our final weeks in May.  Wow!

Additionally, we’ll be preparing for Walk-A-Thon event and the them of the BESt Globetrotters.  We’ll also connect our work and focus on pioneers with activities planned around Laura Ingalls Wilder and STEM work with covered wagons.  It’ll certainly be another busy and exciting week!


Important Events

Thursday, April 27 – Turn in Walk-A-Thon Collection $
Friday, April 28 – Walk-A-Thon!
Have a great weekend!