Weekly Update

The Week That Was

We’re rocking and rolling in second grade!  Welcome to our first weekly update installment.  Our second graders are getting into the routines and procedures of our schedule and curriculum.  All rooms have introduced and started rolling out behavior procedures, morning and afternoon routines, and our core reading, writing, and math curriculum.  We hope the first week and a half has been fun for your child(ren), and we look forward to a fantastic year!

We began our first books this week, as we’ve stretched everyone out into our morning routine.  We spend the entire morning on reading, writing, phonics, and word study in second grade.  Our schedule works wonderful with lunch at noon, and special at one, to break up our day in two distinct halves.  The morning is all about language arts.  The afternoon focus is math and then a split of social studies or science (depending on the time of year with our units).  Our first core book in reading and writing is called Trouble at the Sandbox.  It’s an approachable text that allows everyone to feel comfortable in getting to our routine with reading, discussion, and writing.  Our writing has been introducing narrative writing.  Students have been focused on creating engaging characters, describing a setting, and even playing around with dialogue to move events along.  In addition to our core text, every room has been doing a shared reading of Charlotte’s Web.

We began math this week too.  It’s been all review of first grade concepts while introducing second grade routines and procedures.  Our first unit is a review of number sense, and then it progresses into work with problem solving and strategies.  In addition to all of this, we’ve spent a lot of time this week introducing a building wide focus to our students: growth mindset.  Most of the staff (all of second grade) participates in a volunteer based professional development course throughout our year led and run by us teachers.  Our focus this year is on the term growth mindset.  We encourage all to look up the term and philosophy – it’s a great life concept to promote effort, making mistakes, and persevering to accomplish the best each of us can at any given task.  There’s a lot of great vocabulary we’re learning and promoting with our students throughout every grade level.  Shared learning experiences among staff and students is yet another reason we feel makes BES the BEST!

The Week Ahead

Next week will bring much the same as this past week.  We have another five full days to our week to keep building endurance and familiarity with our routines, procedures, and expectations.  It’ll begin to become habit throughout next week!  We’ll finish Trouble at the Sandbox and transition immediately to a short story, Snowshoe Hare’s Winter Home.  The focus of our first unit remains the same – routines, story development, and writing narratives.

Each of our rooms will also begin administering our beginning AIMSweb Plus batteries.  This is done throughout our school, and gives us some data in terms of specific measures to help monitor focused areas of instruction, and develop groups for any necessary reading interventions.  This has undergone some changes that we can communicate next week, but we’ll receive measures in oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

We’ll get into some of our early problem solving work in math.  Students will also begin getting into some of our second grade math workshop games.  The plan is to begin introducing our second grade science procedures too.  It should be a fun week!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, August 30 for our Parent Information Night.  Please find us in our classrooms.  It’ll run from 7 – 8 PM.  

Important Dates

Friday, August 25 :  Color Jam @ High School (6-8 PM)

Wednesday, August 30:  Parent Information Night (7-8 PM)

Friday, September 1:  PBIS Kickoff Assembly (2:45 – 3:45 PM)

Monday, September 4:  No School (Labor Day)

Tuesday, September 19:  PTO Meeting @ BES (7-8 PM)

Thursday, September 21:  Board of Education Meeting @ BES (7-8 PM)

Friday, September 22:  No School for Students (Staff Inservice Day)

Tuesday, September 26:  Firefighter Phil Assembly (10 – 11 AM)

Wednesday, September 27:  BESAzon Shopping Day for Students

Friday, September 29:  Fall Picture Day

Have a Fantastic Weekend!



Welcome to 2nd Grade!

IMG_8042We stopped for a moment on the morning of day one for a rare picture.  This begins our fifth year together as the BES second grade team! We have a lot of fun together and we look forward to making the year fun and productive for your second grader(s).

Rooms are set, and it seems there are a lot of eager, smiling faces to fill them! Welcome to second grade. We hope all have a wonderful year!


Second Grade Update

The Week We Had

We completed a lot of things in second grade for the final time this week.  On Monday and Tuesday, second graders completed their final narrative PBA!  They worked very hard through the writing process and produced a short story about a pioneer child based on some of the events and problems they had read about.  On Wednesday and Thursday, second graders completed an end of unit assessment for the final time.  We’ll have results ready to be out on all of this soon.

In math, we began a new unit where second graders are reviewing problem solving strategies.  They worked on practice problems throughout the first few days, while reviewing work with time and money.  We also have completed some activities themed after pioneers.  Our three rooms are currently on different schedules with the activities, but students are creating and playing pioneer games, and even completing STEM activities around pioneer challenges!


The Week to Come

 Our Walk-A-Thon is Friday (tomorrow)!  Technically, part of this week and a big thing, but I’ve been posting these on Thursday nights for sometime.  Please remember to return collection envelopes tomorrow (Friday, April 28) to be eligible for prizes.  T-shirts will be waiting for everyone as they arrive.  Thank you for your time and effort in collecting and contributing to our school and PTO!

Next week, we’ll transition to a new unit in reading and writing.  We’ll have a new anchor texts and work through some normal lessons, but we’ll also be reviewing a lot of the themes and skills we’ve worked on all year.  We’ll continue on with our final math unit, and be sure that all are caught up with pioneer activities.  It’s hard to believe, but we’re down to just 4 weeks!


Important Events

Friday, April 28 – Walk-A-Thon!
Tuesday, May 16 – PTO Meeting  ( 7-8 PM @ BES)
Friday, May 19 – Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast ( 9-10 AM @ BES)
Wednesday, May 24 – Field Day
Friday, May 26 – Final day!  
*There will be more second grade events – stay tuned for a busy May!
Have a great weekend!

Second Grade Update

The Week We Had


Another week has come and gone at BES!  This was a very busy and exciting one!  First of all, thank you to all of our volunteers that were able to join and help us make Thursday a very special day for the second grade at the zoo.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their time, and we greatly appreciate the willingness to help – more than we could even take on the buses.  Thank you!

In addition to field trip day, students had to handle different days Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were without all of us in the room and on a different schedule – all to help accommodate the third grade on their testing dates.  Thankfully, the testing time that changes our plan is over, and things went just fine – it’ll be them next year!

In class, students wrapped up their work on pioneer texts while building on narrative writing skills.  They also wrapped up a math unit.  Our focus with word study was on homophones.  Busy week, indeed!

The Week to Come

 Our Walk-A-Thon is on April 28, but please look to collect and return money by Thursday, April 27.  If it comes in Friday, that’ll be fine too.  Students will receive their shirts on the morning of the event.  Please have them dress with the idea of them putting the shirt  on over top of something.  We walk in the morning!

Leading up to Friday, students will be busy with a narrative writing PBA.  It’ll be our final narrative PBA, so it’ll be nice to see the growth and improvement come together.   We’ll also deal with our final end of unit assessment.  In math, we’ll begin a new unit – our final one on the year.  It’s crazy to use “final” this much, but we’ll be wrapping up April next week and moving to our final weeks in May.  Wow!

Additionally, we’ll be preparing for Walk-A-Thon event and the them of the BESt Globetrotters.  We’ll also connect our work and focus on pioneers with activities planned around Laura Ingalls Wilder and STEM work with covered wagons.  It’ll certainly be another busy and exciting week!


Important Events

Thursday, April 27 – Turn in Walk-A-Thon Collection $
Friday, April 28 – Walk-A-Thon!
Have a great weekend!

Second Grade Update

The Week We Had

This week, second graders returned to our normal schedule and routine – thank goodness!  Our mornings have been very productive.  Our anchor text we’ve focused on is called Pioneers to the West.  Students are learning about the westward expansion that took place in our country in the 1800s.  The text introduces them to some famous names – George Staples, John McWilliams (even Julia Child), Levi Strauss, Laura Ingalls, and Ruth Chrisman.  This is always a favorite in second grade, and it has led to great discussions.  Students have returned to narrative writing.  We’ve used some of these great stories from real people to inspire our work in describing characters, setting, and being able to build up to a problem in our writing.

Connecting to our unit with westward expansion in our country, we’ve continued to focus on map skills and identifying different things that make up our country.  It has been a lot of fun to build on the excitement of learning about our history and what states make up our country.

Math continues to build quickly.  We’ve moved from even and odd to a focus on recognizing patterns with numbers and counting by groups.  Arrays have been introduced and discussed, as well as correlating problems.  This unit builds the foundation to the multiplication skills that will be taught to all at the beginning of third grade!


The Week to Come

We hope that everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend!  Next week is a full week, but a crazy one.  First of all, students are coming home with Walk-A-Thon information today.  They’ll have their collection envelope and information about what this is all about.  Our Walk-A-Thon is on April 28, but please look to collect and return money by Thursday, April 27.  

Next week in class, we’ll continue with the topics, themes, and focuses mentioned from this week.  It’ll be a busy week where we contiually build on all of our work that has been introduced this past week.  Please know that the entire second grade team will be assisting with third grade for Math Air Assessments on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will be the last of it, but it’ll involve second graders working with guest teachers again.

Thursday is our field trip day!  Please have your student here on time, as we leave by 9:20 for the buses.  Students will need a packed lunch in a disposable bag.  We go rain or shine, so please plan accordingly for weather.  We’ll talk about this more next week, and we’re very excited for a great day of learning outside the classroom!

Important Events

Friday, April 14 – No School, Good Friday
Tuesday, April 18 – PTO Meeting, 7-8 PM
Thursday, April 20 – Field Trip to Zoo
Thursday, April 27 – Turn in Walk-A-Thon Collection $
Friday, April 28 – Walk-A-Thon!
Have a great weekend!

Photo Collection

A photo post has long been overdue.  I apologize for not having more fun posts in the last couple of months.  I do want to share them, so I’m putting a collection in one post.  You’ll see some behind the scenes shots of our February Frolic – that was a fun night! There are also some of guest readers from upstairs – one of our incentives that students choose to do from our PBIS and BESAzon behavior program.  Mary Kay Carson, a local author, visited us in March.  You’ll also see some shots of having fun in the classroom, participating in STEM projects, and a visit from Promont where students learned about aspects of life before their time.  Enjoy and I’ll try to finish our time together by being more prompt with sharing our good times!